Sunday, January 31, 2010

A preschooler no more..

I've been very busy lately. The reality of life has shaken me off a little bit that blogging has to take the back seat for a moment. But now, I'm back!. So, what I've been up to now? Teaching my 4 yr old son how to write. He's going to kindergarten pretty soon so he has to learn how to write.

Just a little bragging... my son is slightly trilingual but very bilingual (english, french and a little tagalog). At the age of 3, he can read the time, he can spell,  he can count up to 100 or even more. He can read 3 letter words. He has a very good memory and a great sense of direction which I'm quite sure that he didn't get that from me. His teachers said that for his age, he is, indeed,really smart.

But there's a problem, his fine motor skills are still lagging. Guess you really can't have everything, eh? He had some difficulties in writing. So the teachers suggested for him to finish a task in writing every night. We've been doing that quite religiously (kudos to my husband) and I must say it was a huge help (again, kudos to my husband, he's always been there motivating my son). Now, you could see a tremendous improvement from day 1.

The following are links or, should I say, tools that helped my son in learning how to write. Hope these could help yours too..

This crayola product is like your traditional magic slate that you could doodle and erase, except that it has a lot of activities inside. We got ours in Walmart for $13. Not bad.