Friday, October 28, 2011

Things I wish my mom should have told me

There comes a point in life that you look back and reevaluate everything that is happening to your life. It's so funny to think that we thought that we knew everything, we actually do not! Our moms knew more, and a lot of those I just wish she should have articulated more...

I wish my mom should have told me that breastfeeding sucks! and I didn't mean that in a literal way  :). As much as she said that it's an excellent choice for the baby. It is still hard. No wonder how most moms settled with the infant formula. Expensive yet E A S Y. Don't get me wrong though, my kid was fully breastfed for a year but it was, indeed,a challenge.

I wish she should have told me that TO DISCIPLINE A CHILD IS AN ART. If you scream at the kid, you tend to lower their self esteem. If you just talk to them, you feel that they don't seem to understand. If you hit them ( poor baby! :( ), you go to jail. I'm sure there are a lot of ways of how to discipline your child, you just have to pick which one works for you and stick with it.

I wish she should have told me that doing household chores is ain't fun at all. Thinking back, my life seemed to be so easy. Everything was provided for me. My mom was always there to cook, to make sure that everything that I need is ready. She used to iron our clothes, even the towels and bedsheets! Seriously, the towels and the bedsheets? Imagine, home cooked meals, a clean house, neatly pressed clothes (including towels and bedsheets, or curtains!). I remembered her finishing around 9 in the evening, but she still had a smile on her face. How did she do that?

I wish my mom should have told me that my kid will mean the whole world to me. That I would always miss everything that I do to my kid.. cooking for him, giving him a bath, hugging him, carrying him. No matter how tired we are, at the end of the day we are still longing for them.. to kiss them... to hug them.. Our kids are our world! Right now, I'm enjoying the moment that I feel that I'm the best in his own little world, that it's my face that he wanted to see as soon as he wakes up in the morning. There will come a time that somebody will mean the world to him.. will take good care of him. I dread those days to come, but I have to face it when the time comes.

I wish my mom should have told me that life is not easy. You have to work hard, even harder to survive. And at times that life kicks you hard, you have nobody to count on but yourself. Thank God that through the years, my mom taught me to believe in me. To believe that I can do anything, that I can survive anything. That's probably the reason why I can still keep my focus even when the going gets tough. Ciao!