Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pregnant in Heels!

Gone are the days that women were locked to wearing flats when pregnant. I remember myself wearing those horrendous chunky flat  shoes when I was pregnant because that time I've been advised not to wear high heels. I would like to stress it out that I was advised for a reason. I gained a humongous amount of weight, that I could pass for a Sumo wrestler. I'm not kidding! I believe that a sumo wrestler in a sexy stiletto is not a lovely sight. 

But have you ever thought? What is with the high heels that women push themselves to the extreme and really find it hard to give these up even when they're pregnant?

1. High heels shoes keep your legs appear longer.
2. It improves ones posture.
3. A lot of women wear it because they're comfortable with it.
4. It makes women feel sexy and confident.

I think #4 sums it all up. That's exactly the magic that these gorgeous shoes make women feel even when they're pregnant.

Celebrities who are/were pregnant in heels

Beyonce in her 5th month pregnancy

Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham wearing these Louboutins on her 7th month of pregnancy.

Jennifer Lopez pregnant with twins!! 

Kate Hudson on her third trimester

Heidi Klum

Jessica Alba on her 7th month of pregnancy
But is it really safe to wear when you're at the peak of your pregnancy?
as per Jennifer Shu of Babycenter 
        "Wearing high heels (even wide-based, clunky ones) is not a good idea during pregnancy. That's because your weight increases and your body shape and center of gravity change, making you walk differently (and less steadily). A fall during pregnancy could hurt you and possibly your baby, so think twice before adding height to your growing girth "
 So you, would you go for Style over Safety or Safety over Style... I'd go with the latter...

The title of this post was taken from the hit show Pregnant in Heels

"Pregnant in Heels is a reality show following Rosie Pope, a maternity clothing designer and host of the show, as she helps moms to be living in the upscale New York on their pregnancy and motherhood. No, the show doesn't focus on how to wear heels when you're pregnant (maybe on some episodes? I'm not sure) but mainly, on how to survive pregnancy and motherhood while staying chic and fabulous!"


k@ye said...

I did try wearing heels when I was pregnant, It doesn't feel any different - pregnant or not. Love their shoes tho! lol! Thanks for dropping by my blog! :*