Friday, March 9, 2012

Springin' up coz it's Daylight Saving Time!

Yes! it's that time of the year again that we have to set our clock one hour ahead. It also means that you'll lose one hour of sleep.. alright, big deal!! Just think of the sunshine-y days ahead!

Daylight Saving Time 2012 Schedule 

United States and Canada   
Begins March 11 - set your clock(s) forward one hour at 2:00 AM 
on the second Sunday in March. 
It Ends on November 4, and the clocks will need to go back an hour.

 Begins March 25 set your clock(s) forward one hour at 1:00 AM 
on the last Sunday in March.
 It Ends on October 28 set your clock(s) back one hour at 2:00 AM.