Sunday, November 20, 2011

What not to give! The Tacky gifts

Are you a tacky gift giver, or just being funny? I'm sure one of you out there are itching to give one of these to the people on your Christmas list! 

1. Coffee Mugs

       Coffee mugs are best given as a corporate giveaway never as a gift. Unless you'll end up getting a fancy coffee mug (see: COFFEE MUGS CAN BE GREAT GIFTS TOO) that would fit this someone special's personality, stay away from it as much as possible.

2. Cash 

Elaine exclaimed “Cash? You got me cash? Who are you my uncle?”
This was a quote from an episode of Seinfeld when Jerry gave Elaine a cash for her birthday. Jerry was so pleased with his gift, Elaine was not.

I'm not a fan of receiving cash as gifts, unless probably it was my wedding that I would appreciate any help that I could get. But for Christmas or Birthdays, most people including me, would appreciate getting something that we know that the giver really exerted an effort finding me a gift. That alone would make them feel special.

Instead:  If you have no idea of what to give him/her, how about a gift card on his/her favorite store. It will be more appreciated.

3. A Regifted Pen engraved with initials... that is not mine

    One rule in Regifting: Take out all evidences that the item was regifted! If you can't take it out, please don't regift it!

4. Coupons 

       A friend of mine once told me that she received a Mc Donalds coupon for her wedding. It was nice to share these blessings but please not for a wedding!

Instead : If you're an advocate of Mc Donalds, a Mc D's gift card will be very much appreciated.

5. An Over sized Lingerie

      Women are naturally very sensitive when it comes to weight issues. So receiving an over sized lingerie is like a slap in a face. That's how bad it is. So if you're not really sure of what size she is, stay away from the lingerie section as much as possible!

6. A Denture Cleaner

     It's very nice that you're concerned of your recipient's overall health. But have you realized that giving this would mean that it's like you telling him/her that his/her dentures are dirty.

So this Christmas, please make sure that these things are not included in your shopping list. Or you'll end up in the worst gift giver list!

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