Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Still with the H1N1 vaccine

As the day of my scheduled vaccine draws near, the hesitation within me grows bigger. The H1N1 scare plus the vaccine is still a very very touchy subject. Opinions and feedbacks on the vaccine are currently divided. Most of the people I know don't want to take it, which makes me believe that maybe it's not really necessary, but upon hearing the news of several "healthy" people dying in the United States and Canada who contracted the disease makes me think twice. Yes, I am scared. Not with the needles though! the thought of the vaccine being new to the market and with no sufficient studies, that was what I am afraid of. We absolutely have no idea if there will be any side effects. On the other hand, I don't want to get the bug too. Luckily, here in Canada, the H1N1 flu shot is available free of charge for all residents. We just need to show any of the photo IDs (RAMQ card, driver's license, passport, school id etc).

On my previous post, I've mentioned that my parents are visiting until some time in January 2010. My parents, especially my father, are more than willing to receive the H1N1 flu shot, but the problem is that they are not eligible since they are presently in tourist visa. Tourist visa holders are not covered by medicare. People without medicare are not eligible for the H1N1 vaccine. Therefore as sad as it may sound, they cannot get the vaccine. Today, I emailed Service Quebec to ask if it can be available for a fee, hopefully it will. I'm waiting for their reply.

Anyway, people who couldn't get the shot should be extra careful and must follow extra precautions on preventing to get the virus. There are ways..

How can I avoid catching H1N1 flu (swine flu)?

* Wash your hands properly and often. Learn all the steps to proper hand washing.

* If you aren't near a sink, use an alcohol-based cleaner to wash your hands. Use enough alcohol-based cleaner to keep your hands wet for a minimum of 20 seconds. Rub your hands together as the cleaner dries. Make sure you rub the cleaner all over your hands. Don't forget to rub between your fingers, the backs of your hands and under your fingernails. Carry hand sanitizer with you and use it when you can’t wash your hands in a sink.

* Cover your coughs and sneezes. Cough or sneeze into your sleeve, not your hand. If you cough up phlegm (mucus), spit it into a tissue, throw the tissue away, and wash your hands properly right away.

* Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread that way.

* Stay at home if you are sick. If you have flu symptoms, call your doctor or health-care provider. Depending on your symptoms, they may tell you stay home or to come to the clinic or hospital.

* Use a regular household disinfectant to wash common surfaces every day. Make sure you wash:
o counters, taps and sinks in your bathroom and kitchen
o bedside tables
o children's toys
o computer keyboards
o desks and tabletops

* Wipe surfaces with paper towels that can be thrown away or cloth towels that can be washed afterwards. Use soap and water to clean the toys and objects that young children may put in their mouths.

* Stay away from people who may be sick..

* Stay healthy: get enough sleep, eat healthy food and exercise.

* If you have a long-term lung disease like asthma or COPD, take extra steps to protect yourself.

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Mrs. Kolca said...

The Philippine government is planning to get H1N1 vaccine as well and give it for free to people. But receiving that vaccine myself is also a big question. Like everybody else, I'm worried of its background.