Friday, October 30, 2009

Is it flu? or just another cold?

This time of the year, in connection with the rise and fall of the temperature, has always proved to be the worst when it comes to our health. It's the season when colds, gastroenteritis, flu and now the H1N1 flu become an issue. We have to be extra vigilant. As a healthcare worker, we are urged to be vaccinated against the seasonal flu.

Last week the Influenza A (H1N1) vaccine were launched Canada-wide to fight against this kind of flu. Information were posted in several canadian news website to know when and where to be vaccinated. Our schedule falls on November 6. I'm still hesitant to get it since it's new and we don't know the side effects after a month or two. But, after hearing news of death of people contracting the disease, I'm positive that I want to be vaccinated. Yesterday my sister in law gave me a self care guide on H1N1. The guide itself is available HERE but I would like to post the DECISION CHART that for me is quite helpful for everybody and it comes handy when we or somebody close to us become ill. Let's educate ourselves. It's better to be well informed.