Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Extreme Couponing

I love to shop! I think most women are. I must admit I'm a bit of an impulsive buyer especially when there's a big ongoing sale. So, I try to stay away from stores as much as possible but what can you do? I just thank God that I have a job that can support this .. err.."guilty pleasure". Then I've learned using coupons or the online deals available throughout the net. It makes your purchases look sweeter.

Have you heard of Extreme Couponing?

Extreme Couponing is a show from the TLC channel where people collect coupons from newspapers, mails, or magazines, then use them for their purchases. It's amazing how these people can actually save. In an episode before, one mom actually lowered down the total amount from $600 to $2 with the use of her coupons. It's just too bad that this can only be done in the US. I watch this show religiously.

Anyway here in Canada, we have our own source of printable coupons too, or those that you can just sign up and have it delivered on your mailbox.

Frugal Shopper

Smart Canucks 

What about online deals? Here are the ones that I used already and swear by it!

Teambuy            Living Social       Groupon        Tuango      Dealfind

  Deal of the day

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I'll add some more. I think I have a lot more in my mailbox..
There, you can buy vouchers of everything from hotels to restaurants, from a year of gym membership  to your kid's classes, from a spa to your kid's haircut, from a grand vacation to a night out with your family. What makes it better is that you get to purchase a voucher in less than a quarter of the original price.