Saturday, October 22, 2011

Working out... just fine

I've never been a believer of working out to lose weight. Call it laziness but it really doesn't do anything for me. Years ago, I used to starve myself to shed off some pounds. After I achieved my desired weight, I'll start eating again. Obviously, I'm not a health freak, I just eat whatever I want to eat. Steak, cake, ice cream, chocolate, coke, gummy bears.. vegetables? No way! that's too healthy! LOL. I would even have my dessert first before my main meal, those moments drive my colleagues crazy. But I didn't care that much until... I gained 70 lbs. So from size 2, I had my post natal body in size 12. There are times that when I look at the mirror, I would justify my bulging body and tell myself that "I just had a baby". I think this type of reasoning is only good for the first 6 months of the baby's life. If you're still saying it when your "baby" is already 6 yrs old, like in my case, then we have a problem! lol

So I started looking for ways to shed off my extra pounds. I tried Pilates for 2 weeks, it's too much for me, so I stopped. I tried Yoga for 2 days, I find it too boring. I tried Hiphop Yoga just to make it more funky, it still didn't do anything for me, so again, I stopped.

Then there was Zumba. I tried it because a lot of people were saying how fun it is. And it is, indeed, FUN. Fun in a sense that I would want to do it everyday if I can. It is actually a mixture of latin dance, caribbean, bollywood, hiphop, etc rolled into one full hour of working out. Zumba is more like attending a party than just working out. I usually go to the regular zumba classes and zumba toning. Zumba toning is your regular zumba dance class with weights.

Slowly, I see my weight going down and for just 3 months of  doing Zumba I went from size 12 to size 8 now, which is pretty phenomenal. I still eat whatever I want to eat though! I didn't starve myself. I didn't try those slimming tea. I lost weight while I'm having fun, which is great! Now, the clothes fit better, when I look at the mirror I'm happy to see the healthier me. I have included some links that I find useful if you guys want to try zumba classes. Enjoy!

                         Zumba Fashionistas                      Zumba Classes near you