Saturday, October 3, 2009

Let's organize! - The Kitchen -

I love organizing. For me, the activity itself is more of an expression of oneself. In my own little world, I strongly believe that if you have an organized house, you have an organized life. If you have an organized office, you have an organized life. If you have an organized purse (even the purse!), you have an organized life. And who wouldn't want to have an organized life?? Let's start organizing!

When it comes to organizing my clutter at home, 3 stores usually come into my mind: Homesense, Ikea, and Dollarama. If I want something fancy, I'd go to Ikea or Homesense. If I need to buy a lot and don't want to break the bank, Dollarama will be the first choice. Didn't have that luxurious look, but tolerable. Now, I will be posting some of the fancy ways of organizing your kitchen.This is what I usually do, I would go online, look for ideas and find cheaper alternatives.

Available in StacksandStacks for $48.99

If you're like me who loves to use herbs on cooking, this is like a dream come true.

photo credits : Scrapbooking

Don't forget the recipes! This is a nice way of stacking your favorite recipes. Print them in a small card then stack them in a nice scrapbook style portfolio like this. You can also use a photo album to preserve and showcase your most valued recipes.

Available in Organize-it $24.97

This is one of my favorite kitchen organization "gadgets". I just remembered once I attended a bridal shower, after dinner time, the hostess offered coffee and tea and she pulled this box from her cupboard. I was in awe! It's just nice to see the tea bags neatly arranged in a bamboo box like this rather than placed in a jar or a carton box. So if you have different kinds of teas, show them off!

photo credits from the domestic diva herself Martha Stewart.

photo credits : Wasserstrom

Don't you want to have a cereal dispenser that looks like this? fancy!


pumpkienpie said...

if I have my own house, for sure the kitchen should be super organized. Thanks for sharing this I would love to own everything here! :)