Friday, October 9, 2009

Plane ride with your kid - The Survival tips

First off, I'd like to wish everybody in Canada a Happy Thanksgiving! It's a long weekend once again. Sunny? Hopefully! Rainy? Most probably. Most montrealers would just go spend their holidays somewhere else. When you think of travelling, it means having fun... having a great time. It should be. For couples and families, it's the perfect time to connect with each other. But what about when you have to travel with a little kid? It could be challenging. My son was 25 months old when he first travelled by plane. I'd say, It was quite an experience.But travelling with your kids doesn't have to be your worst nightmare, all you need to do is to plan ahead and relax.

I've got few suggestions here so let's roll...

  1. Prepare a Safety bag - Your Safety bag should consist of : a.) a diaper changing kit. I just made my own kit. I put some diapers there, diaper rash cream, baby wipes, a mat, water spritzer, small garbage bags. If your kids are potty trained, b.) bring a portable toilet seat. I bought the cushie ones in walmart.

    It's cheap, it's comfy and very handy since I can just fold it and just put it inside the safety bag. c.) Put at least 2 small plastic bags for accidental throw ups. d.) Bring a blanket and small pillow. e.) Bring a hand sanitizer and lysol or any disinfecting wipes. f.) Bring some extra pants, shirt, socks, underwear for your little one, and stash some extra shirts for yourself too for accidental spill ups. g.) Bring a first aid kit. h.) Put some crackers or cookies, sippy cups or baby bottles.

  2. Prepare an Entertainment Bag - This bag should consist of a.) portable DVD player with his favorite movie, if you have a PSP, just try to install some movies or music that your kids like. Don't forget the chargers though! b.) Also, bring a favorite toy, could be her little teddy or his helicopter, his toy train or whatever. c.) Prepare a bag of goodies. A bag of goodies is just a small bag with dollar store toys. Toys need not be expensive. Just buy cheap stuffs that you think your kid would love to play with until the duration of the flight. So when she's bored, show her a new toy, then when she becomes bored again, show another one. It's ridiculous but it works! d.) You can also bring some books. My son prefers Ispy books over coloring books.

  3. Bring an umbrella stroller.
  4. If you're going to have a major layover/stopover, go online and try to gather as many information as you can regarding the airport. Try to locate the play areas for kids, kid friendly restaurants, breastfeeding or nursing rooms.
  5. Keep your eye on them. Even if it means that you have to go with them in the washroom, do it. It's better to be safe.
  6. Be patient. There will be a time that whatever you do doesn't work. Just be patient. Don't mind those eyes that are looking at you. Your concern right now is your kid's safety and his feelings. That's all.
  7. If you'd go online you'd see a lot of advices from parents such as giving Gravol ,so kids will feel sleepy. But I've read somewhere that sometimes the effect of Gravol to kids is the other way around. I've never tried it because I'm very skeptic to give medications to my kid. If you want to take the chance, then be it. But be very very careful, and it's very important to educate yourself first.

Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey! - Fitzhugh Milan

Goodluck and Happy Travelling.

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Mrs. Kolca said...

thanks for the tips.. now i'm trying to consider that entertainment thingy to add on my baby's luggage for our flight to turkey :D

Mom said...

I agree that it is important to be very careful about giving medications to kids just to make it easier for parents (or other travelers).

There are so many other ways to help your child get through a plan trip without being difficult.

Avenue Junkie said...

i love this Ming... i will have to take note for our future travel!

Golden said...

Hi sis! Thanks so much for the warm comment. Have a nice day.