Friday, August 28, 2009

Back from electrolysis

I'm back from my electrolysis rendezvous! I thought my appointment was at 11:00am, but Shahla, the aesthetician, said it was confirmed for 11:30, okay fine. Since I'm half an hour early, she asked me to put some topical anesthetics, the brand name was Amla. I checked the pharmacy, and they sell it for $42 CAD + tax per tube. I work in the same building so I spent my time chitchatting with my colleagues while waiting for my turn. I came in around 11:35ish, and then the treatment has started. When she was doing it, you could still feel it even though I was numb by the anesthetics, but it's not that bad. She spent 10 minutes poking(for lack of a better word) the hair in my upper lip. Then she put some aloe vera to make my skin relax a bit. After, she told me to expect a little sensitivity and redness on my skin. I was thinking of going shopping after the treatment, but when I looked at my face, I don't think I can go anywhere, it's so red!! To think that she only did the thicker ones. Electrolysis is permanent, but the downside is that it takes several visits to make it successful. I scheduled my next appointment in the next 3 weeks. Oh the price that she gave me was $20 for 10 minutes, not bad eh?