Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Introducing - KABAYAN COFFEE

Imagine this.. waking up in the morning with the smooth aroma of a brewing coffee.

Hmm.... a perfect day is coming your way, keep your fingers crossed too and toss some wishes here and there to make it a reality haha.

Anyway, yesterday I went to Metro, it’s a local supermarket here in Montreal, to grab some groceries. Then, I went to the coffee section to get some Tim Hortons coffee, I usually get the biggest one, that’ll be our month supply. I love Timmy's! As I was browsing all the coffee in that section, because you know sometimes there are specials that I don’t want to miss, then one coffee captured my eyes. The brand name was “Kabayan”. I was amazed that there was a coffee that sounded so Filipino, I was not even inside a Filipino store, so that was pretty suprising. I took it, and I saw that it was identified as Barako Espresso. At the back of the coffee bean bag, the first sentence says “While the Barako has become a generic name for all coffee from Batangas, real Barako refers to Philippine Liberica or Excelsa.” So there, proudly Philippine made. I bought one, hopefully most Filipinos in Montreal would dare to try this one too. Tangkilikin ang sariling Atin!