Monday, August 31, 2009

What's with the SPOON?

As I was packing my husband's lunch, I just remembered the dental hygienist in my workplace. Every freaking lunchtime she would notice and throw some comments on why am I using a spoon to eat. I would always politely say: "because I want to". One day, that was actually thursday of last week, I took out my lunch, I had pork barbecue that time, and her eyes started to roll. Then I took out my spoon and fork and began to eat. Then she goes, "Okay, this is called a knife, and you can use that to cut your pork". Then I laughed and turned to her, I said: "look, mind your own business, if you can't stand me eating with the spoon, fine, look somewhere else." She's a nice Portuguese girl and we're very close, it's just that her sideway comments annoys me to death. Makes me remind of this news, the little boy is actually one of our patients. It's sad that some people are not very open to other cultures, but hey, it's their problem not ours.


Ann said...

I work with a girl who eats her donuts with a fork. I've never seen anyone eat one that way but I've never said anything to her because if that's the way she wants to eat it then who

Liza! said...

I hate it when people do that. So condescending. I got snide comments when I was dining somewhere in Switzerland because I asked for spoon instead of knife (I ordered a dish with rice, by the way). I saw people trying very hard to eat their serving of rice with fork and knife (and they made a mess, I tell you), but I did not say a thing because that's what they're used to.