Friday, August 28, 2009

My kitchen layout

The kitchen that I want should look like this. Bottom cabinets plus the pantry will be in nexus black brown, they will have a stainless steel plinth, then the top cabinets will be in abstrakt white. I'm thinking of getting Lansa handles which are also available in Ikea. I don't know when are we ordering the kitchen cabinets,could be this year or next year, most probably the early spring of 2010.My design has been approved by an Ikea person already, and the kitchen planner gave me a price quote on how much will be the cost. So we're all set, we just have to fit it in our busy schedules. During the waiting time, things might change but there is one thing that I told my husband that will never ever change, I have to have a dishwasher. I don't have a dishwasher right now, and I'm dying to have one! For me, it's the best invention man could ever made. In my mind, I know that my life would be much easier if I have one. I can't wait!

With the appliances, I'm leaning more on stainless steel. I just bought my new fridge, it's the Frigidaire's professional series stainless freezerless. I don't need a freezer because I have a huge freezer in my basement, and that's where I put all my meat and frozen foods. I love it! Next on my "to buy" list will be an oven and an exhaust fan.


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