Friday, August 28, 2009

My Floors and My walls

In my previous post, I said that we're renovating our kitchen. But I think I never mentioned that the project will be done by me and my husband, and just the two of us alone. We started with painting the walls. We were thinking of getting white again since I'm going for a "black and white contemporary kitchen", but we thought why not extend the color of the wall paint in our living room to the kitchen so the house will look spacious and airy. Our living room was painted with Glidden's European White. It's more like a beige with a moss green undertone. Then, off we went to the Peintures-Glidden in Boulevard Des Sources. We went there and I asked for a European White, then the guy started asking me about finishes, latex, blah blah blah. Then I just responded "I don't know", then they laughed. I've never painted anything in my whole life, how would I know? So after humiliating myself lol, I found my composure again. I said "we're painting the kitchen" so they gave me the semi-gloss acrylic. Anyway, we went home, pack everything in the kitchen, take out the trims and 'lo and behold the floors went off. The old floors were made of linoleum, and geez I was not thinking of changing the floors until 2010. Okay, so change plans, after painting we have to do the floors. We finished painting in 5 hours for my 14.7 x 11 kitchen. Then the next day we went to Home Depot to look for floors. I was thinking of getting Tarkett fiber floors or maybe just a vinyl. Hardwood floors and ceramic stones are definitely out of the question since they tend to be too cold during wintertime. So either Tarkett or Vinyl. Home Depot has a lot of choices, and it includes the TrafficMaster Allure Cyprus Resilient Tile.

It's more of a vinyl type but harder or should I say more resilient. It was sold by the box and covers 24 Square feet. They said that we don't need to use adhesive and they claim that it's super durable and completely waterproof. It was priced $54.96 + tax per box and it comes 8 tiles per box. Not bad. It was pretty easy to install, because 1. you don't need any special tool to install it, a ruler and a cutter are enough, 2. they don't bend, 3. the adhesive that it has is so strong, they really lock together. I highly recommend that to anybody. So here's my kitchen floors before the remodelling:

And my after:

I still can't get over it, I love my new floors! But you know, what made it more special is that we installed it ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Granite has developed from a largely structural material to a stone that has numerous applications, this could be used in your kitchens as Kitchen Worktops to make the interiors more beautiful.

Anna said...

Thank you for dropping by Tony! I'll check out the link. We've been considering granite for our countertops and backsplash.