Sunday, August 30, 2009


Saturdays and Sundays are utterly the worst days of my week. Why? Because those were the days that I will and should be a mom, a wife, a cleaning lady, a cook and a maid rolled into one, oh, not to mention being a gardener too (sometimes).

My to- do list for this week:

1. Laundry which includes washing and folding, which I totally hate. I find folding as one of the most boring activities that you could ever do.

2. Iron some clothes

3. Cook some meals

4. Dusting

5. Vacuum the living room, bedrooms and hallway

6. Clean the bathroom and powder room

7. Sweep and Mop the kitchen floors

8. Change the linen covers

9. Write post dated checks for the daycare. The daycare's fiscal year is starting on September 1st so I really have to finish it, big time. I usually write 12 postdated checks, that'll be for the whole year.

Then last friday my son got invited for a birthday party to be held in Angrignon Park. It's my husband's co worker's son, his name is Adryan, and he's turning 5. Now back to my list...

10. Buy a present for Adryan, which I already did when we went to Sears this morning, I bought a Nike ensemble (sweater and jogging pants) and a Transformer Robot. The Nike ensemble was priced for $47.99 but there was a 40% discount, so I got it for $28.79, yey! I love discounts! then the Transformer Robot was priced $29.99 but if you use your Sears card they will scrape off 10% on the toy's original price. I took it and another $2.99 stripped off from the bill, so 2 nice gifts for less than $60. thank God for discounts and thank God for my sears mastercard! hahaha.

Transformers robot

Nike Sweater and Jogging pants ensemble

On top of this list, we still have to go out, eat out, go to my in-laws house, go to mass, play with our son, etc. Life could be hectic sometimes. The only consolation that I could ever think of, is that, at the end of the day, I know that I'm happy, my house is clean, my boys are happy, I'm tired but I'm happy.


Liza! said...

Mondays to Fridays are the worst days of my week. I'm not even a mom yet, but running the household is taking too much of my time.

I am pretty sure you are doing an excellent job as a housewife/mother. :-)

vivapinay said...

Lucky Adryan.. my kids are still waiting for their transformers toys!