Thursday, August 27, 2009

Renovating my kitchen

I've been planning to renovate my kitchen ever since we moved in this house. When we bought the house, the kitchen was painted all white, even the kitchen cabinets are white. It has a white, old laminate countertop with black specks to, i guess, to have a stone effect on it. It looks very cottage and old. In other words, it's U-G-L-Y. So this year, I told my husband we have to start planning on renovating this kitchen. I started searching for "the look" that I want in my kitchen, do I want to have a contemporary kitchen? do I want to go victorian? or should I stay on a cottage style? but to be honest with you, just the thought of cottage makes me puke. Not that I don't like the cottage style kitchen, It's just that I'm afraid that in the end I will just be reproducing an exact replica of what I have now. I've shopped around to have at least an idea of how much everything would cost. In my mind, I know that I'm getting all the kitchen cabinets, fixtures and some appliances in Ikea. One reason is because of the reasonable price that they're offering. Home Depot, Rona L'entrepot and Rona Depot have various collections of cabinets to choose from but with the budget that I'm going for, theirs look more plastic and cheap. So I'm sticking with Ikea. Anyway, I am not an interior designer, but I've always been fascinated with house decorations, furnitures, spicing the room with colors and the likes. I've downloaded the Ikea Decorator, I've done my searches, I even registered myself in ikeafans, I guess I am all set.

I know in my heart that I want a modern contemporary kitchen. So to start with, I looked for a kitchen inspiration. As I was browsing, I saw this..

Perfect, I want to have that kitchen! Then I went to Ikea to find cabinet doorstyles that would look like this. I fell in love with Abstrakt white, it's their white ultra glossy cabinet doors.

Then for the bottom cabinets, I would want to have Nexus Brown Black doors.