Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dental Floss

This post is more like a continuation (well sort of) of my previous post regarding our hygienist who would throw comments on me using a spoon. Anyway, this time, it's not about a spoon, it's about a dental floss. The Ordre des dentistes du Quebec usually holds its annual convention in the month of May. This is just a nice time to chill, relax, get together, take some courses, get some freebies, etc. It's for all the dentists and its auxilliaries in Quebec. Anyway, so every convention, we always eat lunch together in Chinatown (Montreal). So after we eat, laugh, talk about somebody else (lol), as we are sipping our last drop of coffee, this hygienist (the same hygienist that I was telling you on my previous post) pulled a hair on her head, and start to floss. EEWWWW!!!! I was like," _______ what the hell are you doing?". She said, "flossing". I just felt traumatized for two seconds. Everybody at the table was just looking at her. And I can't believe how she could calmly say that "hey my hair is clean". Who says that it's clean??? The same topic was brought out again yesterday for some reasons, and she was still saying that her hair is clean. Well maybe the saying "to each his own" applies to this situation but still... eeeww!