Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Cake Boss

I'm such a huge fan of reality shows. One show that I'm crazy about is the Cake Boss. I just watched the marathon yesterday haha. It's shown on TLC every monday right after Jon and Kate Plus 8. It features the owner of Carlos Bakery, Buddy Valastro and his staff which mostly consisted of close friends and family. They're of Italian descent, I think. The show actually revolves on their life inside the bakeshop, how meticulous they are in decorating a cake and the arguments that they have.

One of the featured cakes is the Fire Truck

There was actually a real smoke coming out of the building. How cool is that?!
And part of the cake is the firetruck that has sounds and lights on it. The fire truck and the building are made of fondant.

More cool pics on this site CAKE BOSS TLC

Cake Boss is at mondays 10/9c at TLC