Friday, September 25, 2009

Card Swap

Just a quick update:

I'm pretty much done with my quickbooks task in my workplace, well, almost. I thought I was done already. But the other reconciled account that I did got messed up for whatever reasons. So either I have to smoothen it out or I have to redo it again. I'm hoping that it'll not be the latter because seriously, I'd rather kill myself.

Now, with regards to card swap. My fellow gtalker, realmofadreamer, mentioned something about card swapping, it's more of a getting to know each other kind of thing among bloggers in a form of card swapping, which is pretty interesting. I've been a girltalker for quite some time now, I've met great people there and had done businesses on some. But to get to know them well would be great too. Anyway,the mechanics for card swap:

1. Post the mechanics of the swap on your blog.
2. Send me an email at realmofadreamer [AT] gmail [dot] com with your name and address.
3. You will be assigned a swap partner on rotation.
4. On first week of each month, you will receive an email with the details of your next swap partner. Please keep all details confidential.
4. Once you received your items, post something about it on your blog.

What to send? You can send a postcard, your picture or card that you’ve made yourself. Since the main purpose of this swap is to get to know other bloggers, please don’t forget to include something about yourself in your letter.

The mechanics are also available in her blog -- > Realmofadreamer