Saturday, September 5, 2009

Long Weekend

It's holiday on monday, great! I love that. Weather forecasts that we'll have a sunny weekend, finally! Montreal people usually go up north to spend their long weekend. Normally, we would just go to centennial park to play, feed the ducks, walk around. But instead, we've decided to go to Ottawa. There are not a lot to see in Ottawa, in my opinion, but I wanted to go there because there's a free mall show in St. Laurent Center on September 5 and 6. They are featuring Toopy and Binoo.

Toopy and Binoo is a kid's television series created by Treehouse TV, Spectra Animation and Harpo Productions. Original characters were created by French Canadian author Dominique Jolin.

Toopy and Binoo is a cartoon about a mouse named Toopy and his best friend, a plush cat named Binoo. Each episode follows a playful adventure, usually created out of their imaginations. Toopy is the only character that speaks, and for the most part provides enthusiastic descriptions of their adventures. Individual segments are approximately 5 minutes in length, but are frequently grouped together as one half-hour episode, both on television and DVD releases. Another character in the show is Patchy Patch. Patchy patch is Binoo's doll. He is an old toy covered with patches. He rescues Little Bo Toopy, Mermaid Toopy and Princess Toopy in the episode Song and Dance. He also has a house inside Toopy and Binoo's blanket.
Source: Wikipedia

My son is obsessed with Toopy and Binoo. I think he considers Toopy as his canadian idol hahaha. Everytime it's shown on TV, whether it's in english or in french, he'll sing, and he's completely magnetized on the screen. I read on the website of the show organizers that the children will have a playtime with Toopy and Binoo before the show. I'm so excited for my son. I know that it's going to be a long two hours drive for a 30 minute show but who cares?! I just can't wait to see the smile and happiness in his face when he sees them in real life.