Thursday, September 3, 2009

Have you been to Vegas? Let me take you there..

Early spring of this year we went to Vegas to visit my sister. She brought us to a lot of beautiful places including las vegas premium outlet, the seafood city (it's a filipino place) etc. I posted some of the pictures that we took when we were there.

Las Vegas Boat Harbor - we actually went there just to feed the fish. It sounds boring but look closely at their size.

and look at their mouths hahahaha

Did I mention that they're hungry?

Next we went to Hoover Dam, which is basically just a huge dam. The boys loved it, I did not. It's a dam..

Then there's Bellagio..

Inside the Bellagio hotel is the conservatory and botanical gardens, that time they have a mini tulip festival but the way they arrange the lights and everything, it was amazing.

Then there's the dancing water fountain outside..

Vegas version of the Eiffel tower

at daytime

and at nighttime

we also went to Mandalay Bay Shark Reef

It's just too bad that we only spent 6 days there, but we would love to go back!


supermunchee said...

I love Las Vegas! There are so many things to see...I hope I'll get to go there again...I super love the dancing fountain...especially when they played the Ocean's 11 theme song...I didn't know there was a shark reef at Mandalay Bay...we just passed by the lobby for a few minutes...My dad told me about the Hoover Dam but we were not able to go there...
By the way, I have a tag for you in my blog:

Anna said...

I love vegas too!!! thanks for the tag sis

Anonymous said...

Wow! I wanna go to Vegas too.. =)