Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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I'm actually new to the world of earning from blogging, I've heard about it many many times before but never dared trying it. But now, I am so into it! I just cannot stop, especially when I click that monetize tab, i love seeing my earnings grow. Okay talk about earning from blogging, first, I've heard about Adsense, then there's pay per click, now there's link from blog. They said that this one will not only increase your traffic but will actually increase your earnings. Sounds interesting. I think this is more of pay per post on doing reviews. So, I registered myself and who knows?! will this be worth a try? I really think so. If you want to earn money on the side and would love to do some reviews, this will be your best bet. By the way, credits to my fellow girltalker Vivapinay, that's where I saw the post about Link from Blog, thanks dear for sharing this!

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janethvicy said...

Hi there Anna..Thank you for the comment and visit..Following you now..Take care