Friday, September 11, 2009

Free breakfast

Every sunday morning after the 9 am mass we usually go to Dejeuner Inc to have breakfast. Dejeuner Inc is a breakfast/brunch place in the west island of montreal. They serve good omelettes, benedicts, pancakes, crepes, you know, the usual breakfast menu. The place itself is very cozy, and family oriented, the staff were nice too. I love their Greek Benedict with classic hollandaise sauce plus a free flowing coffee. Yummy!!! My son's favorite is the Minnie, which basically consists of eggs with cheese, potatoes and lots of fruits. Then my husband's fave is the western omelette with sausage links. We usually spend around $35 plus tax for the three of us. Not bad for a good meal.

This morning is absolutely special. I received a mail from them, saying that as a birthday present (I celebrated my birthday last week), I will be receiving.... a free breakfast! YES!

Guess who's having a free greek benedict on sunday? ME! lovely...