Friday, September 25, 2009

some random thoughts before I go to work

lol I'm such a blog addict lol

anyways, yesterday i went to do my blood works in St. Mary's hospital in Cote des neiges. For the love of God, the nurse sucked the blood out of me, I mean literally, my arm is still hurting until today.


then, I went to fairview shopping center, it's a mall here in the west island. I just looked for some stuffs in Children's Place, Gap and Old Navy, had a peek if they have a sale. Normally, they have spur of the moment sale. You've got to be really lucky to catch that sale. In Gap, there's 40% off on selected items. In Old Navy, they have a baby sale. So all baby items are either 25% off or buy 1, get 1 free. My friend wanted to know the price of some items, so I took a quick look at the price and took some pictures too, I have to update her when I come back from work. In children's place, they have 30% off on previously discounted price. I was able to get long sleeves shirts and pants for my son. It was a pretty nice buy because from the regular price of $20 to $30, I was able to get it for $6.99 and $4.99, not bad! And you will never go wrong with their clothing material. oh yeah! my son wants to be a pirate on halloween. I saw a pirate costume in children's place, but it's worth $39+, almost $40. It's too expensive! Yeah, it is expensive. Say $40, just to wear it for one day? I don't think that's reasonable, on the other hand, it's the best pirate costume that I've seen so far. I really have to give it a thought...


Have you had any bra fitting in your life? Meaning, a professional will measure you and have you try some bras and adjust it for you. Try it. I did yesterday, and it's all worth it. I went to La Senza yesterday. I'm actually a bit shy to do it, and worst, to ask for it! But after pregnancy, weight gain, breastfeeding, I thought it's about time. So I let go of my shame and had my adjustments and bought 2 new ones.


I think it's time to go to work... Ciao!


Kay said...

i hope we have that fitting thing here.. i just see that in Tim Gunn's show..

have a nice weekend dear!

Anna said...

I've heard about it in Oprah and What not to wear, pero I've never tried it. I thought it'll be a waste of time lang but it was good. I hope they could do that in the Philippines too!

have a great weekend Kay!